Pumpkin Cookies

It is fall and with that comes baking season! I just can’t help it! All summer I avoid the oven and crock pot like the plague, because I don’t want to compete with our air conditioner. We grill a lot. But, as soon as that first chill hits the air, I turn back into Betty […]

Apple Crisp Mini

This weekend I am taking the kids to our local farm to pick apples. It’s our annual pilgrimage and ode to fall. In preparation, I needed to use up the rest of the apples we had on hand. Being refined sugar-free meant my normal apple crisp recipe would no longer suffice. So, I scoured Pinterest […]

Week 2, refined sugar-free

This week was harder and easier. It was harder because I did have quite a few headaches, but easier when I realized I don’t actually miss the sugar (just the convenience). Days 5-9 brought headaches of varying strengths. While I tried to keep up with my water as much as possible, it could have been […]

Pumpkin Soufflé

Pumpkin season is back in the Engelman home! Cue the groans from my non-pumpkin-loving husband. (Personally I feel his pumpkin aversion is from his family calling him “Pumpkin Paul” for years, but who am I to diagnose.) Today I tried a new Paleo-friendly recipe for breakfast. It was so delicious it might as well have […]

Week 1, refined sugar-free!

As you know from previous posts, I love baking. I love sugary lattes, I love tiramisu, brownies and all desserts in general. So why go sugar free?! As most of us know, white sugar is terrible for our health and can be more addicting than cocaine! Sugar can also increase your risk of diabetes and […]


I remember when my parent’s came back from a health show one year and mentioned the importance of grounding to me. I thought they had finally crossed the line on crazy health fads. I was convinced of that when I dropped by to visit them one day and discovered their pant legs rolled up and […]

Water- it does a body good!

Our first Engelman family meeting EVER, was two weeks ago. We decided we needed to get better organized as a family and walk this health journey together. We brainstormed, then voted, deciding that baby step #1 would be getting enough water. Beni Johnson had suggested that be everyone’s first step in her book as well. […]

Bullet Proof Coffee

This picture pretty much sums of my existence right now as a mom! It was a house warming gift from a dear friend who agrees to my sentiments. Currently, it hangs in my front entry way, so that all who enter may know my priorities (but not my husband’s for the record). When we first […]