Naturally Sweet Apple Muffins

Our annual pilgrimage to the local apple farm was a success. We had a beautiful warm day, munched a few apples (for quality control purposes), and had fun at their playground too! We consumed almost all of the apples via snacks, and my new favourite go-to dessert for company (refined sugar-free)¬†apple crisp recipe, but it […]

Sugar Finale & Banana Bread

I’m sure you are wondering why I combined these two posts, and the reason is that the last 10 days of our refined sugar-free challenge were just plain boring! No one cheated (except for a half sip of wine and tiny wafer of bread each at our leadership communion service) and even Thanksgiving was relatively […]

6 Minute Chocolate Cake

Today marks the last day of our 31 day refined sugar-free challenge. Overall it has been relatively easy and that was, in part, due to the discovery of this recipe. Like a few other ladies I know, when I need a dark chocolate fix, I will move heaven and earth to find some! I am […]

Quick and Easy Breakfast Cups

Prosciutto is a new obsession of mine. Since it is one of the only “deli” meats I can consume on my refined sugar-free month, I am learning to cook with it as well. Let me give you a quick recipe I tried, with great results for the little effort it took. Please note, you could […]

Week 3, refined sugar-free!

This week went by so quickly, it just dawned on me that it’s day 21! Honestly, this way of eating is starting to become so routine that I haven’t felt the need to journal the journey! I enjoyed experimenting with Paleo and Whole 30 recipes this week. Some successes and others immediately deleted off my […]

Pumpkin Pie Custard

With Canadian Thanksgiving on the way, and the hubby and I being refined sugar-free, I had to find a way to enjoy our traditional pumpkin pie. You just cannot have Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. It’s like Christmas without gingerbread cookies! I bake two pies every year. My¬†family, minus hubby, is crazy for this dessert. Fortunately […]