30 Pounds & Counting!

This was me in January. Seriously. Less furry, but just as grumpy. It was time for a change. The goal was to get back to my “skinny” jeans that were three sizes smaller and keep going. It took me a full four months, but I am now wearing all my clothes from the “too small” […]

Skinny Coffee or Master Cleanse?

There is a product on the market called Skinny Coffee, so naturally I had to try. I wanted to try a natural aid to help with my journey to health, so for Christmas I asked for a month supply of “Skinny Coffee Club”.  It was supposed to help you lose weight by drinking one coffee per […]

Amaretto Breakfast Oats

February in southern Canada is cold. Mornings are tough leaving the warmth of the covers to make the long trek downstairs. It helps to know that my overnight oats only take one minute in the microwave to reheat for a warm breakfast. My hubby seems to have turned over a new leaf and is finally […]


I love cinnamon. My daughter recently asked me why I use cinnamon in so many of my recipes and I got to explain to her some of the health benefits of this spice. Besides the obvious good taste, it is full of antioxidants (one teaspoon of cinnamon has as much potency as half a cup […]

Why Overnight Oats are Better!

Why overnight oats? Besides the obvious benefit of not having to stand over the stove in the morning to cook oatmeal, and the myriad of flavour combinations, there are health benefits to overnight oats as well.  For three great articles on the subject (each highlighting different aspects) check out these links here , here and here. […]


Lately I have been using a lot of ground chia seeds in my recipes and I wanted to give you the lowdown on this super seed. (For more details check out Wikipedia or healthyeating where I did my research.) Chia seeds are are an excellent source of the B vitamins thiamine and niacin. These B vitamins […]

Why Flaxseeds?

When I married my hubby, I discovered we were completely different species.  He loved to spend hours researching his papers in college and had a terrible time getting all his thoughts onto paper. I, on the other hand, hated the research stage and loved to write. In high school (before the internet was all the […]

Sugar Finale & Banana Bread

I’m sure you are wondering why I combined these two posts, and the reason is that the last 10 days of our refined sugar-free challenge were just plain boring! No one cheated (except for a half sip of wine and tiny wafer of bread each at our leadership communion service) and even Thanksgiving was relatively […]

Week 3, refined sugar-free!

This week went by so quickly, it just dawned on me that it’s day 21! Honestly, this way of eating is starting to become so routine that I haven’t felt the need to journal the journey! I enjoyed experimenting with Paleo and Whole 30 recipes this week. Some successes and others immediately deleted off my […]

Week 2, refined sugar-free

This week was harder and easier. It was harder because I did have quite a few headaches, but easier when I realized I don’t actually miss the sugar (just the convenience). Days 5-9 brought headaches of varying strengths. While I tried to keep up with my water as much as possible, it could have been […]