Pumpkin Coffee Cake

I have a ‘thing’ for pumpkin. It’s true. I received it from my dad’s side of the family and passed the passion on to my children. “Pumpkin season” is a literal thing in our home that starts in September and goes until… well… now. I found a half used can of pumpkin in the back […]

Mint Ice Cream

Mint ice cream has to be one of my most favourite flavours ever! I have always loved the combination of chocolate and mint since I was a little girl. In fact, all our family loves mint!  Sometimes, if the mint is too strong in food, my adorable, preschool son will call it too “spicy”. However, […]

Maple & “Brown Sugar” Oats

  I finally did it! I converted my daughter to an overnight oats consumer! Bless her heart, she has very vocal taste buds. (And surprisingly accurate if we try to hide a food in her meal with which her palate is adverse.) We used to buy the mixed flavour box of packages of instant oatmeal […]

Valentine’s Cookie!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day! I hope you are enjoying this day and it is filled with love for you and yours. (Unfortunately, the special date I got for my husband’s gift this weekend, was a no-go. Instead, he nursed me through a bout of the flu. He did a great job.) The kids loved their […]

Amaretto Breakfast Oats

February in southern Canada is cold. Mornings are tough leaving the warmth of the covers to make the long trek downstairs. It helps to know that my overnight oats only take one minute in the microwave to reheat for a warm breakfast. My hubby seems to have turned over a new leaf and is finally […]


I love cinnamon. My daughter recently asked me why I use cinnamon in so many of my recipes and I got to explain to her some of the health benefits of this spice. Besides the obvious good taste, it is full of antioxidants (one teaspoon of cinnamon has as much potency as half a cup […]

Soft Pretzel Bites

Anyone watching the Super Bowl next weekend? These pretzel bites will be perfect to enjoy while watching the commercials. I mean game! Okay, I am only in it for the commercials and the food. Confession is good for the soul, right? Let me also confess, I have a sweet tooth. (Shocker based on my recipes, right?) […]

Almond Chai Ice Cream

Ice cream in January. I guess that would be normal if we still lived in the south, but we live in Canada. It may seem an odd time to eat ice cream, but my kids and hubby are a bit ice cream obsessed and will have it for dessert every, single, night, if allowed.  (I […]

Why Overnight Oats are Better!

Why overnight oats? Besides the obvious benefit of not having to stand over the stove in the morning to cook oatmeal, and the myriad of flavour combinations, there are health benefits to overnight oats as well.  For three great articles on the subject (each highlighting different aspects) check out these links here , here and here. […]