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Skinny Coffee or Master Cleanse?


There is a product on the market called Skinny Coffee, so naturally I had to try. I wanted to try a natural aid to help with my journey to health, so for Christmas I asked for a month supply of “Skinny Coffee Club”.  It was supposed to help you lose weight by drinking one coffee per day that has a few natural ingredients for 28 days. For anyone that knows me, this seemed like a dream come true. (For the link to their website: https://skinnycoffeeclub.com) While it did help a bit, the results were a bit disappointing and the coffee was not worth the taste/expense for me in the long run. After 25 days, I lost 4.5 pounds. Please note, I did not follow their diet plan listed on the website, nor did I do their workout plan listed on the site. I am sure you would receive excellent results if you did, but I wanted to see if this helped by adding to my normal routine and the product being the only change. I excercised lightly and continued my (mostly) refined sugar-free lifestyle low in grains.  If you do decide to go this route, let me give you some pointers that seemed to be missing:

1. When they say 1 teaspoon of grounds, they actually mean get out your measuring spoon and measure 1 teaspoon. Otherwise you will run out like I did before the promised 28 days.

2. Do NOT make the one teaspoon of coffee into a full 8 ounces water like it tells you. I used it to make 4-5 ounces of coffee in my French press (and I am a blonde roast at Starbucks kind of gal). It is horribly watery and unpalatable with 8 ounces of water. Even with 4 oz of water, steeped for 7 mins (instead of the suggested 5) it still tastes like cheap hotel coffee and you have to drink it black.

3. Do NOT drink this on an empty stomach. Eat some breakfast first, or with this product. For the first three days I could not figure out why I was dizzy and feeling loopy. I couldn’t remember my thoughts and seemed spacey even with enough sleep. Once I determined the coffee was the culprit and drank with food, I was fine. I also found it didn’t give me the promised energy (thought it does claim to have less caffeine than coffee) and I always had to have a second cup of coffee to keep me awake.

Overall, I did lose some weight, that I kept off, but it was not sustainable for my lifestyle. However, if you follow my tips above and their diet and exercise plan, maybe it’s the boost you need!

I love food. I think most of us do. I am not a fan of juice cleanses or fasting in general. However, after finishing the Skinny Coffee, I was feeling stuck in my journey to health and had been reading about all the health benefits of fasting. Even though I have been eating relatively well and exercising my couch to 5K app daily, I just wasn’t seeing any numbers move on the scale. (For those about to say, “But I am sure you lost inches”, let me assure you my pants were just as snug.) Lou Engle recently called an Esther fast for the American church (which is 3 days no food or water). I personally didn’t have the grace/faith to do that, but felt the Lord challenge me to do a dairy-free/clear liquid fast. Honestly, I hadn’t survived a full three day liquid fast since Bible college days. (Please don’t misunderstand, there were media fasts and sweet fasts, liquids fasts that included protein shakes and Daniel fasts along the way, but my tummy always won out over the “clear” liquid-only ones.) I felt I should try two of those days drinking the master cleanse ‘lemonade’. For more details on the cleanse, visit http://themastercleanse.org

I had been really asking God about how to lose weight in a healthy manner and seeking Him for a word for the new season I felt I was entering. March is my birthday month and marks the big 35 for me (more commonly referred to as the 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday). The fast was perfect timing to pray into this issue and seek clarity. While I would like to say I received great revelation during this time, alas I did not.  However, something happened though that changed me on the inside and I didn’t even realize it until a few weeks later. More on that another blog. For now, I will give you the basics on how the fast went. In a nutshell, “grace”.

There was an incredible grace upon my three days. I had extremely little desire for food or hunger pains. The only tough part was cooking dinner for my family every night and not being able to eat it. (Little did I know, that was preparing me for my next step of the health journey too!) I chose to adapt the cleanse a little bit by not drinking the suggested laxative teas. Instead I had a couple of organic calming teas that were caffeine free. I also didn’t drink the salt water they recommend first thing in the morning, as I gag on salt water pretty violently. However, I followed their recipe for “lemonade” and made a big pitcher of 60 ounces to drink each day (the minimum). The recipe includes fresh squeezed organic lemons, filtered water, pure maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. All was good until the cayenne. It does burn the tongue and I ended up putting a bit less in the second day. I also drank filtered water throughout the day and allowed myself one black coffee a day with cinnamon. Again, no caffeine is allowed on this cleanse, but the excruciating headache by the afternoon of day one made me cave. Plus, I hate black coffee, so I figured this was still a form of fasting something I enjoy. (This change also led to a new step in my health journey.) There were no violent trips to the bathroom as the website suggested there would be, but that was probably due to my skipping the teas and salt water. The third day I had about 3 cups of clear organic unsweetened juice and just filtered water. Overall I lost a total of 4lbs in the first two days and would absolutely consider this option again. In fact, I would love to do it for the recommended 10 days at some point. Of course, I gained back a pound the next day when I started eating, but that was to be expected. I would definitely recommend the Master Cleanse if you are considering a journey into health and/or weight loss. Not only did it help give my stomach a break for a few days, it shrunk it in the process. Over the next several days I noticed my portion sizes had shrunk considerably and I wasn’t hungry as often.  This fast, coupled with a new inner strength and determination I found, started the next phase of my journey to health!

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