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Do you have a bosom friend? I love the term Anne of Green Gables used to describe her BFF Diana. They were friends that shared every secret, lots of laughs, mischief and sorrows together. Their hearts were united and they enjoyed every moment with one another. My daughter received the Anne of Green Gables DVD […]

Showers of Blessing

What does the phrase “showers of blessing” mean to you? Maybe you are newly engaged/married and the phrase brings images of your bridal shower. Or, maybe you are expecting and it brings to mind your upcoming baby shower. Those are both wonderful blessings when starting exciting and brand new chapters in our lives. Friends and […]

A Breath

There is a distinct possibility that I am spoiling my 8 month old son. With the first child, we tried to do everything by the book (ie. No co-sleeping, naps on schedule, feeds on schedule, etc.). But 7 years, 2 miscarriages, 2 uterine surgeries and years of prayers for another child have changed this mama. […]

Dishwasher Safe

Do you have a dreaded chore? I vehemently dislike hand-washing dishes. I can handle a couple of glasses in a clean sink; that is manageable. But, if the sink is full of rotting food and piles of dirty dishes, I would prefer to scrub my bathroom from top to bottom thank you very much. (Note, […]

Why a well?

“Spring up Old Well”. Does anyone else remember singing that song in Sunday school? I remember giggling and adding “splish, splish, splish, splash” before the next line, “within my soul”. I always thought this was just a fun kid’s song, until one Sunday morning my pastor prophetically prayed that prayer over me. He said I […]

This is me!

Who is Miriam Engelman and why should I read her blog? That is a darn good question and I hope one day you can tell me the answer! Let me introduce myself. My name is Miriam, and in case you are interested, my name means “bitter”. Yup, I’m bitter about the meaning, but enjoy the […]